No Representation Without Compensation

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I’ll keep this short and simple,

there isn’t much to say,

if my image brings you profit

then it’s me who you must pay.

You profit off our bodies

and you use us for the clout,

and if we try to question it

you quickly push us out.

You sit on countless millions

and I know we could be paid

but you’d rather just exploit us

and call it a fair trade.

We don’t need more exposure,

just open up your wallet,

send us money we are owed

and don’t dare try to stall it.

To you we’re just Black bodies,

but our minds know what is up,

your policies are anti-Black

and some are just corrupt.

You do not care about Black lives,

but if you think you do

then stop it with the tokenism,

send our payments through.

You really should know better

but it’s clear that you don’t care,

there’s more to real inclusion

than Black faces featured there.

This is a teaching moment

and a learning moment, too,

stop saying Black Lives Matter

just our photos do to you.

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